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Human Resources Development
Human Resources Development

We recognize that the development of human resources is imperative to the implementation of Terumo Group growth strategies. With this in mind, we are implementing human resources strategies oriented toward supporting the Group’s management and businesses. Specifically, we are focusing on leveraging and developing diverse leaders who will support our global business and strategic workforce planning to build new capabilities for the organization as a whole with an eye on future management strategies. In addition, we are building an environment in which associates are able to fully exercise their ability. To this end, we encourage each associate to adopt a “learning mindset” to continue to learn new things on an ongoing basis and we assist their continued growth. We are also focusing on promoting effective collaboration beyond the boundaries of specific businesses, functions, and regions to realize a better Associate Experience. To support the Groupwide implementation of these strategies, the Global Human Resources Department has been established under the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). The department collaborates with human resources departments of Group companies in Japan and overseas to share the measures and issues at each company. In addition, we have a dedicated human resources team comprising members from various regions and organizations to advance shared human resources measures.

  • Global Human Resources Strategy

    Global Human Resources Strategy

Global Human Resources Development

With operations in more than 160 countries worldwide, the Terumo Group is promoting the development of human resources capable of excelling on the global stage. We have clearly presented a global common framework for sustainable pipeline of leadership development at each management level and designed initiatives based on four consistent elements. In fiscal 2019, we defined the leadership skills and competencies that will be required in order to meet the Terumo Group’s future business challenges, and we launched the Global Leadership Development Program for executives to develop global management talent that possesses these skills and competencies. In this 18-month program, associates selected globally who are potential candidates for managerial positions in the future take on the challenge to generate new value for Terumo through collaboration with one another.

In addition, starting from fiscal 2021, information about the Terumo Group’s key talent is shared among senior management and presidents of Terumo entities for discussions on development, deployment of those talents across the Group to expand the pipeline of global leaders and strengthen the organization. In addition, we are undertaking systematic continuous succession planning of potential successors of our business unit entities CEO positions incorporating external objective assessment based on a common global framework so that the CEOs are able to lead sustainable business growth.

Assignments from Japan to overseas Group companies or between overseas Group companies across countries and organizations also play an important role in creating opportunities for cultivating associates. In Japan, we regularly conduct the Overseas Training for Developing Global Human Resources program, which dispatches young associates who have been with the Company for two to five years to overseas Group companies in order to develop human resources through practical experience.

  • Leader Development Framework

    Leader Development Framework

Refer to our Sustainability Report for other activities.