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A New Stride Toward Our Next 100 Years
We create solutions of value, contributing to medical settings and patient lives

Toshiaki Takagi
Chairman of the Board
Shinjiro Sato
President and CEO

With the Group Mission of “Contributing to Society through Healthcare, the Terumo Group delivers high-quality products and solutions to medical settings and patients in over 160 countries and regions. In 2021 we celebrated our 100th founding anniversary and made new strides toward our next 100 years.

Healthcare is currently undergoing a global paradigm shift. The progression of aging in populations around the world means that people increasingly spend a longer time living with chronic illnesses, and that societies must balance between healthcare advancement and cost efficiency. Meanwhile, the evolution of countless technologies, including digitalization, biopharmaceuticals, and genomic medicine, is bringing about rapid and enormous changes to the world of healthcare.

To continue our contribution to society through healthcare amid these developments, we at Terumo believe that our Purpose is to the advancement of healthcare and enhancement of patients’ quality of life. We have also formulated “GS26,” our five-year growth strategy, with an eye further to 10 years from now and beyond.

Terumo Group will continue united to leverage the reliable quality and technology that we have cultivated over many years, toward meeting the challenge of creating new solutions for diverse healthcare needs.

We ask for your continued understanding and support in this endeavor.