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The information on Terumo’s website is not intended as a solicitation or recommendation of investments. If you actually intend to invest, please do not rely on this website as your sole source of information, and make such investments in accordance with your own judgment.

Although Terumo has taken the greatest possible care in posting information on this website, Terumo assumes no responsibility for problems including, but not limited to, incorrect information on this website, malicious tampering with the content of the data on this website by any third parties or for any problems resulting from downloading of the data.


Among the information that Terumo discloses, forecasts of financial performance on future projections contain potential risks and uncertainty since these are forecasts on projections made by Terumo based on limited information available at the moment of disclosure. Accordingly, it should be noted that actual results may differ from those forecasts on projections due to various factors. Factors affecting to actual results include, but are not limited to, changes in economic conditions surrounding Terumo, fluctuations of foreign exchange rates, and state of competition.


When disclosing information on this website, please be aware that the timing of posting may be delayed due to certain preparation reasons, the website may not include all information that Terumo discloses to securities exchanges or other authorities, or may use different expressions for information disclosed by different procedures. Please be sure that you fully understand the disclaimer when using this website. Please be aware that the content of this website may be changed or deleted without prior notification.