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Life Care Solutions Division
Standing together with patients to propose solutions to fit each patient’s needs

The Life Care Solutions Division provides healthcare solutions optimized for patients living with diabetes and other chronic diseases. We contribute to improving patients’ prognoses, preventing serious disease, and enhancing quality of life by creating new value for all patients.

Life Care Solutions Division

Diabetes Care Products

There are two types of diabetes: Type I, in which a patient's body has difficulty producing insulin; and Type II diabetes, which often occurs as a result of lifestyle. It is vital to society that diabetes is discovered early and its complications are prevented. Diabetic patient ages range widely, from small children to aged persons. Many measure and manage their own blood glucose daily, and some also perform their own injections to regulate their blood glucose levels.

Terumo has long worked to develop and provide easy-to-use blood glucose self-monitors, and the world's thinnest and shortest needles, to reduce patient pain and fear of injections. In recent years, Terumo has also brought to market tube-free insulin pumps that enable freer patient movement, and continuous glucose monitoring systems that allow constant monitoring and management. This full product lineup provides diabetes patients with total daily support and contributes to better quality of life.

Note: The regulatory approval status and availability of these products differs by country and region.

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    Blood glucose self-monitoring system

  • hospital_index02_EN

    Continuous glucose monitoring system
    (Exclusive distribution in japan only)

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    Insulin patch pump

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    Disposable needle for pen-injector

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Vital Sign Management Products

Patient vital signs—body temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen concentration, and others—are measured daily in medical settings to guide diagnosis and treatment. In hospital wards with many patients, nurses go to patient bedsides to take vital signs, then return to nurse stations to transcribe and record the measured values.

Terumo has created a measurement device series equipped with near-field communications (NFC) functionality, including blood glucose self-monitor, blood pressure monitor, and thermometer; in which an NFC reader/writer records measurements in a patient's electronic medical record with just one touch by the medical professional. The system not only eliminates data entry and transcription errors, but also enables instant sharing of vital sign information among hospital staff, leading to timely and accurate management. This efficiency frees up medical professionals to give more meaningful care to patients, improving the quality of healthcare.

Communications-equipped Measurement Device (HR Joint® ) in use in a hospital

Note: The regulatory approval status and availability of these products differ by country or region.

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    Blood glucose
    monitoring system

  • hospital_hrj_EN

    Blood pressure monitor

  • hospital_palse_EN

    Pulse oximeter

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Simply touching the device to the NFC reader/writer allows sharing of measurements in hospital IT network