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"Terumo Fellows" drive innovation through outstanding expertise

In April 2016, Terumo created the "Terumo Fellow" Program to recognize and appoint as "Terumo Fellows" associates with expertise and experience in their fields, and who have made outstanding contributions leading to innovation in medical settings around the world, and in technology, research, and clinical development.

Terumo Fellows will continue to drive research and development in their fields, both by personally innovating and by advising the young engineers who will sustain Terumo Group growth into the future.

To date, nine Terumo Fellows have been appointed, with five still actively working as of April 2022. Information on the newly selected fellows will be available soon!

Terumo Fellow achievements


Dennis Hlavinka

Terumo BCT, Inc.

Developed a centrifugal method for the removal of contaminant leukocytes from platelets as they are being harvested for transfusion


Gregory M. Cruise Ph.D.

MicroVention, Inc.

Specializing in polymer technology, developed coils used for aneurysm treatment and embolization beads for liver cancer treatment.