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Blood and Cell Technologies Company

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies
Unlocking the potential of blood and cells for patients and their quality of life

Blood and cells are indispensable in sustaining our lives, and at the same time, they hold the potential to treat cancer and other serious diseases. The Blood and Cell Technologies Company provides solutions to safely and effectively process donated blood into blood products and collect blood components needed for transfusions and cell therapy. These solutions support a wide variety of customers, including blood centers, medical institutions, biotech companies, and research institutions. The company has recently focused on services and digital solutions to advance its unique technologies to provide patients with new treatment options.

Main Products

Note: The regulatory approval status and availability of these products differ by country or region.

Plasma Innovations

This technology collects source plasma to This technology collects source plasma that can be fractionated into plasma-based medicines for the treatment of rare diseases for the treatment of rare diseases.  
We are committed to innovative enhancements and process improvements to maintain donor safety and a sufficient plasma supply, as well as to improve efficiency and quality in the field of source plasma collection.


Plasma donation system

Blood Center Solutions

Our automated solutions bring higher quality and efficiency to blood collection and component preparation processes.  
Automation enables blood center professionals to select the best possible combination of components from each donor, yielding the right products to meet individual patient needs.


Whole blood collection


With leukocyte filter lowercase bags

Blood component collection


Blood component collection system

Whole blood separation and component production


Automated blood processing system

Pathogen reduction technology


Pathogen reduction system

Therapeutic Solutions, Cell Collection

Therapeutic systems can separate and remove a patient's diseased cells or blood components, and they can collect healthy cells and components from donors for patient treatment.  
Utilizing Terumo centrifugation technology, we strive to provide treatment options to patients fighting a variety of illnesses.


Centrifugal apheresis system


Cell Therapy Technologies

By delivering solutions that automate cell therapy manufacturing, from cell expansion to final formulation, we partner with therapy developers to support the creation and commercialization of cutting-edge treatments.

  • Cell expansion system

    Cell expansion system

  • blood_p_jitsu_k_Picture_28_EN

    Cell therapy fill and finish system


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