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While contributing to patients and medical professionals through its core business, the Terumo Group also engages in social contribution activities rooted in the communities where it operates. Leveraging our associates’ skills and time, we address health, medical, and other social issues that are affecting the communities where we live and work.

Supporting the Spread and Development of Healthcare

Blood Donation Activities in Countries throughout the World

The Blood and Cell Technologies Company of the Terumo Group develops and produces blood bags for blood collection and blood collection equipment and provides these items to blood centers in countries around the world. Terumo also has its associates throughout the world continuously facilitate and engage in activities to promote blood donations while aiming to contribute to blood transfusion treatments.


In the United States, the Blood and Cell Technologies Company head office Terumo BCT, Inc. partners with Bonfils Blood Center to conduct blood drives every other month at the site of the Lakewood, Colorado factory. In fiscal 2017, a total of 259 units of blood were collected, an increase of 13% over fiscal 2016. Since 2014, Terumo BCT has provided financial support to the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge in the United States, which provides US$1,000 scholarships to student organizers of local blood drives with the goal of increasing the blood donation rate among the Hispanic/Latino population. Terumo BCT also provides financial and in-kind product support to nonprofit organizations providing access to healthcare in the developing world. This support includes a US$25,000 grant to the Global Blood Fund; financial, in-kind, and leadership support to Project C.U.R.E.; and donations of blood bags to Mercy Ships and the Mexican Red Cross.


In India, Terumo BCT subsidiary Terumo Penpol Private Ltd. is working to promote participation in blood donation activities by holding events and other such activities. In fiscal 2017, it organized 179 blood donation camps and developed a smartphone application to promote blood donations. Such efforts over the years have also garnered recognition, as the company was awarded a prize by the All Kerala Blood Donors Association.


In Japan, Terumo conducts blood drives at all business locations. In fiscal 2017, such blood drives were conducted a total of 15 times, in which 857 associates participated, 12 more than in fiscal 2016. Regular blood donations have become normal Company events at each location.

  • Blood drive in Japan

    Blood drive in Japan

  • Associate donating blood

    Associate donating blood

  • Providing scholarship to the student organizers of local blood drives in the U.S.

    Providing scholarship to the student
    organizers of local blood drives in the U.S.

  • Supporting blood donations by students in India

    Supporting blood donations by students in India

  • Sponsoring blood drives on the World Blood Donor Day in Vietnam

    Sponsoring blood drives on the World Blood Donor Day in Vietnam

Supporting Early Diagnosis of Children with Congenital Heart Disease in India

Prescreening camp

Prescreening camp

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a neonatal birth defect resulting from the abnormal development of the heart that can affect the interior walls of the heart, the valves inside the heart, or the arteries and veins that carry blood to the heart or the body. It is said that nine out of 1,000 newborns in India have CHD, and it is one of the leading causes of infant mortality in this country. However, roughly 90% of these infants can be treated if their CHD is detected through early examinations. Terumo Group subsidiary Terumo India Private Ltd., which sells oxygenators and other devices used in cardiac surgeries, partners with Bangalore-based NGO Aishwarya Trust to conduct prescreening camps in order to identify children suffering from CHD and support those diagnosed with the disease in undergoing surgical correction. In fiscal 2017, a total of 11 associates participated as volunteers at seven camps, handling reception and data entry, distributing CHD awareness pamphlets and flyers, and performing other related tasks. Thirteen children were diagnosed with CHD through these camps, and they were able to receive treatment.


Terumo Foundation for Life Sciences and Arts: Spreading Activities to Promote the Appeal of Life Science Research to the Younger Generation

Science Cafe event

Science Cafe event

The Terumo Foundation for Life Sciences and Arts was founded in 1987 by contributions from Terumo with the aim of contributing to health and medical treatments for humankind by promoting technology in the field of life sciences.(The foundation was converted into a public interest incorporated foundation on April 1, 2012.) It engages in three types of activities mainly related to science and technology in life science-related fields: provision of financial aid for research and improvements to treatment and health within Japan and throughout the world, recognition of achievements, and educational activities.The foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017, and it has provided a total of 1,310 research subsidies totaling ¥1,950 million since it was established.


The foundation devotes its energy into educational activities to communicate the appeal of life science research to the younger generation. Starting in 2012, the foundation has cooperated with Tokyo Women's Medical University - Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences (TWlns) to hold annual Science Cafés for high school students. These events provide students with exposure to the front lines of research in regenerative medicine and artificial organs through life science-related lectures and practical learning at state-of-the-art medical engineering facilities. They also provide the opportunity to communicate with researchers with the aim of helping students decide their future path. In 2017, there were 27 participants from 13 prefectures across Japan. Over the course of two days, participants received lectures from leading Japanese researchers in life science-related fields and had discussions with young researchers while engaging in practical exercises in creating simplified artificial human hearts and cell sheets. In comments from questionnaires after the events, participants expressed that they would like to learn more about medical treatments, that they were intrigued by the work of researchers, and that the event was a good opportunity to think about their future path. The foundation will continue striving to support the development of individuals able to support the future of life science research through such activities.

Support for Disaster-Stricken Areas

Participation in Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Project Organized by the Japanese Red Cross Society Terumo participates in the future-oriented disaster prevention and preparedness project “Forever Remembered”* hosted by the Japanese Red Cross Society, and the Company has been engaging in activities to spread awareness both internally and externally since 2018. Roughly 850 medical representatives (MRs) throughout Japan played a central role in the Company’s external efforts by carrying out sales activities and wearing badges during the campaign period. Internal efforts included intranet postings about initiatives in which Terumo regularly engages to help ensure that healthcare is always available and a new explanation for the support efforts in which Terumo has engaged to assist disaster-stricken areas in Japan and overseas since the Great East Japan Earthquake. These internal efforts are designed to give associates a chance to think about how they can help to ensure that healthcare is always available.

  • *

    This project organized by the Japanese Red Cross Society began in 2015, five years after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The aim of the project is to communicate people’s thoughts and provide support to those who were affected by the disaster and still struggle to this day. The project also seeks to raise awareness for disasters that could occur in the future by reminding everyone to not forget the lessons learned from past tragedies and about what they gained from their experiences of mutual support.

Support Provided to Disaster-Stricken Areas

Disaster Financial assistance Relief items
Great East Japan Earthquake
(March 2011)
(of which ¥35,100,000 was donated by associates)
20,000 thermometers
4,000 blood pressure monitors
12,000 pairs of compression stockings
50,000 servings of nutrients
Disinfectant, hygiene-use masks, etc.
Damages from Typhoon 30 in the Philippines
(November 2013)
(along with an additional ¥4,760,000 donated by associates)
100,000 syringes
2,000 blood administration sets
2,000 digital thermometers
Medical tape, wound dressing film, etc.
Earthquake in Nepal
(April 2015)
¥2,000,000 2,160 blood bags
2,500 blood administration sets
50 digital blood pressure monitors
Kumamoto earthquakes
(April 2016)
(along with an addi-tional ¥6,470,000 donated by associates)
2,400 bottles of hand sanitizer
2,000 emergency bandages
4,800 closed infusion sets (IV tubes)
1,000 digital thermometers
300 digital blood pressure monitors
100 digital blood glucose measurement kits
16,000 condensed liquid nutrients, low-protein meals, and other food items
2,000 pairs of compression stockings
3,000 pairs of fall-prevention socks
3,000 oral care products, etc.
Heavy rains in Northern Kyushu
(July 2017)
Damages from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
(September 2017)
(through the American Red Cross)
1,800,000 syringes and needle sets
Financial assistance of ¥2,896,000 donated by Terumo associates to support associates of Terumo Puerto Rico LLC impacted by the disaster

Support for Local Communities

Efforts in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Internal newsletter communicating volunteer activities










Internal newsletter communicating volunteer activities

Subsidiary Terumo Europe NV has set up and implemented an EMEA-wide corporate citizenship (CC) program. Part of the program focuses on promoting and overseeing social contribution activities in each of the company’s subsidiaries and offices in the countries and regions where it operates. Associates that volunteer to become local CC Ambassadors as well as offices set their own topics for activities that include contributing to society (local communities) and healthcare and reducing environmental footprints. In addition to support provided through charitable donations to NPOs and NGOs, systems are also put in place to support social volunteer activities by teams of associates, and Terumo Europe NV supports organizations where associates already volunteer on their own initiative.

Efforts in Singapore

erumo booth at The Giving Family Festival










Terumo booth at The Giving Family Festival

Three Terumo Group subsidiaries based in Singapore (Terumo Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd., Terumo Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Terumo BCT Asia Pte. Ltd.) jointly took part in The Giving Family Festival organized by Singapore NPO TOUCH Community Services (TOUCH).This event is organized with the goal of supporting senior citizens requiring special assistance as well as disadvantaged young people and families. Companies and organizations from the area each set up their own booths and provide various services for participants. In 2017, the festival was held for two days, on November 4 and 5, and, in its capacity as a sponsor, Terumo cooperated with community home care nurses from TOUCH to set up a booth to measure the blood glucose and blood pressure of participants. Action against diabetes has garnered attention as an important measure for Singapore to pursue as a country, and there was strong interest from participants. Over the two days of the event, there were a total of 544 visitors to the booth. In addition to the activities at the booth, 39 associates also volunteered to take part in the charity run.

For details, please refer to our Sustainability Report.