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The Terumo Group refers to all of its employees as “associates” to reflect the fact that they are viewed as valued colleagues. The growth of Terumo comes through the diverse associates around the globe who have joined Terumo to work, learn and grow vigorously in a way that suits each of them.

With the rapid pace of change in the environment in which we operate our business and in which our associates work, it is becoming ever more vitally important to synchronize our human resources strategies with our management strategies. By implementing our global human resources strategies and supporting our associates to perform at their best, we are driving the development of global management for the Company. We will realize the enhancement of corporate value by strengthening associates’ identification with our Group mission of “Contributing to Society through Healthcare,” and fostering a shared sense of Terumo’s purpose.

Refer to our Sustainability Report for other activities.

Terumo Report [Human Resources] 

Terumo Report [Human Resources and Labor Data]

People Strategy

As healthcare and society as a whole is changing rapidly, we recognize that the development of our talents is imperative to the implementation of Terumo Group growth strategies. To that end, we are implementing the people strategy to enable our associates to continue growing with the company. Specifically, we are focusing on leveraging and developing diverse leaders who will support our global business and strategic workforce planning to build new capabilities for the organization as a whole with an eye on future management strategies. In addition, we are building an environment in which associates are able to fully exercise their ability through encouraging each associate to adopt a “Growth Mindset” to continue to take on new challenges and learn, also working to ingrain a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the organization. Furthermore, we define the attraction and value of working at the Terumo Group as “Advancing healthcare with heart” and have begun to share this concept internally and externally.
We are also focusing on promoting effective collaboration beyond the boundaries of specific businesses, functions, and regions to realize a better Associate Experience.
To support the Groupwide implementation of these strategies, we collaborate with HR leaders and members of Group companies in Japan and overseas to share the issues and practices at each company under the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). In addition, we have HR teams comprising expert members of each area from various regions and organizations to design and implement common HR programs.

  • GS26 (5-Year Growth Strategy ) People Strategy

    GS26 (5-Year Growth Strategy ) People Strategy

Development of Global Leaders

With operations in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide, the Terumo Group is promoting the development of talents capable of excelling on the global stage. As a common global development framework, we have designed measures with four consistent elements to create a continuous pipeline connecting each stage of leadership development.

  • Development stages and four key elements

    Development stages and four key elements

Growth Mindset

At Terumo, we value the growth and development of every associate. In the rapidly changing world of healthcare, our associates play a crucial role in enabling us to tackle new medical challenges and provide innovative solutions. We are committed to fostering a “Growth Mindset” culture throughout the Group that encourages our associates to continually take on new challenges, learn, and grow. By fostering the Growth Mindset, we aim to evolve the company by creating a shift in the attitude and behavior of every associate. To promote the Growth Mindset, our top management and business leaders regularly communicate with our associates about the importance of the Growth Mindset and share their own experiences. We also conduct workshops for our global leaders and equip them with the necessary tools to implement the Growth Mindset. In addition, each of our Group companies implements measures to promote the Growth Mindset according to their own circumstances.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Terumo provides medical products and solutions in more than 160 countries and regions. Currently, about 75%* of the Company’s revenue is generated outside of its corporate headquarters in Japan and out of the 30,000 Terumo Group associates spread across the world, nearly 80%* work outside of Japan. Terumo believes it is most important for associates to respect and value differences as well as to empower everyone to bring their authentic self to work, in order to bring about innovation which will lead to the Company’s continued growth. In March 2022, Terumo established a global “DE&I Philosophy” to further cultivate the culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in Terumo Group. Additionally, a “DE&I Guiding Principle” has been defined to ingrain DE&I norms of behavior in policies, processes, and day-to-day work practices. The DE&I Philosophy and the DE&I Guiding Principle are aligned with Terumo’s Core Values and the Terumo Group Code of Conduct and clearly state the commitment to cultivate a globally diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. In the 5-Year Growth Strategy (GS26) starting from April 2022, Terumo also aims to be an organization in which diverse talents can flourish with their full potential toward the realization of global management. With the DE&I Philosophy in place, Terumo will further strive to fulfill the Company’s purpose to advance healthcare and enhance patients’ quality of life.

  • *

    Calculated based on revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, and the number of Terumo Group associates as of March 31, 2023.



    The concept of the expression The letters of DE&I, which overlap and are in various shades, represent the associates. The logo expresses that by respecting individual differences and providing appropriate resources for each associate’s situation, the associates maximize their abilities, support “Terumo”, and achieve further growth. (The logo is internal use only)


For our associates to fully utilize their abilities and thrive in the workplace, it is essential that they maintain both physical and mental health. Additionally, their experience at Terumo should be enriching, and they should feel a sense of purpose and job satisfaction. At the Terumo Group, we refer to this state of being as “well-being.” To enhance well-being, we are implementing various initiatives across the entire Group, in every region, country, and company.

For information on our health management initiatives in Japan, please visit the “Health and Productivity Management” page.