Terumo's Response to COVID-19

To support medical settings and professionals fighting COVID-19, and enable as many patients as possible to receive needed healthcare, Terumo, based on its group mission of “Contributing to Society through Healthcare,” Core Values, and BCP Policy, has established the below three key policies regarding COVID-19 as it conducts business activities.

Terumo Key Policies Regarding COVID-19

  1. 1.To protect the health and safety of all Terumo Associates with utmost priority.
  2. 2.To maintain a stable supply of products to continuously meet global healthcare needs.
  3. 3.To actively engage and contribute to the prevention and treatment of the disease, by maximizing Terumo Group's expertise and technologies.

Message from Management

One year has passed since world first faced the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer our deepest condolences for the people who have lost their lives during this time due to COVID-19, and pray for the recovery of others who have been afflicted by the virus.

With the three key policies of (1) ensuring the health and safety of all Terumo Associates, (2) maintaining a stable supply of products, and (3) actively contributing to prevention and treatment of the disease, the entire Terumo Group continues to work in the fight against COVID-19 to support medical professionals on the front lines and continue bringing treatment to patients.

Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, one of Terumo’s founders, dedicated his life to infectious disease prevention and microbiological research. Having inherited his DNA, Terumo has a long history of working to fight infectious diseases. In the COVID-19 crisis, we are reminded of the true meaning of our Group Mission of "Contributing to Society through Healthcare," and strongly feel a renewed sense of our purpose as a company—to keep working to bring solutions to medical settings.

In the post-COVID-19 world as well, the Terumo Group will continue to contribute to the health and safety globally.

President and CEO
Shinjiro Sato


As the world joins together to support healthcare workers and others on the front lines providing critical care to patients, Terumo has donated over USD 4 million in cash and products to support the COVID-19 relief efforts worldwide - including a USD 2 million donation to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO and donating a large number of digital thermometers and vital cardiopulmonary support systems (ECMO, or Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) to medical institutions.

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