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April 12, 2021

LEUVEN, BELGIUM - April 12, 2021 - Terumo is proud to announce the launch of its Global Therapeutic Interventional Oncology team as of April 1st, 2021. This reflects Terumo's aspiration to be a Global leader in the field of Interventional Oncology by focusing on improving patient's quality of life and survival.

This organization will be comprised of Medical Strategy, Research & Development, Software Development, Medical Imaging Discovery, and Operations. It will be entirely dedicated to the development of Therapeutic Interventional Oncology solutions for patients with cancer. This team will be led by Laurent Domas, Vice President, Global Interventional Oncology Strategy and Therapy Development.

"With this team of specialists, we want to provide excellence in developing Interventional Oncology solutions to improve the clinical benefit for patients with cancer, and thus contribute to society through healthcare ", said Laurent Domas.

Terumo Interventional Systems is a leader in access technologies used in Interventional Oncology procedures and already offers a broad range of therapeutic solutions in EMEA. The Therapeutic Interventional Oncology portfolio comprises drug eluting microspheres with LifePearlTM microspheres, Selective Internal Radiation Therapy solutions with the Holmium platform (QuiremSpheresTM microspheres, QuiremScoutTM microspheres, QSuiteTM software) and Thermal Microwave ablation with TATO*.

The need for minimally invasive cancer treatments is growing to address the continuous rise of cancer in a global aging population. Terumo aims at being a major player in Interventional Oncology by facilitating access to loco-regional treatments for patients with cancer by focusing on innovation and clinical evidence and partnering with Health Care Professionals.

"It is excellent news to see, within Terumo, the launch of a Therapeutic Interventional Oncology focused team, which is a dedicated entity that will help moving fast forward in the booming and promising field of interventional oncology.", said Professor Thierry De Baère, head of Therapeutic Imaging department, Gustave Roussy Institute, Villejuif, France

With this organization in place, Terumo Interventional Systems will accelerate the commercial deployment of the Holmium platform (QuiremSpheresTM microspheres, QuiremScoutTM microspheres, QSuiteTM software) in EMEA. It will further extend the availability of the Holmium platform in other regions, in particular US as the largest radioembolization market but also China and other countries around the globe.

The creation of the Global Therapeutic Interventional Oncology organization will contribute to complete Terumo Interventional Systems' portfolio of solutions for the treatment of cancers in the liver and in other organs. In particular, it currently investigates the development of radiation oncology technologies for the treatment of pancreatic tumors. It will also innovate in new targeted drug delivery solutions.

  • *

    LifePearlTM microspheres is CE marked and available in Europe and is used in the treatment of unresectable primary and secondary liver cancer. It is also available in Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Latin America, Taiwan and Vietnam. It is not approved in US FDA.

  • QuiremSpheresTM microspheres, QuiremScoutTM microspheres, QSuiteTM software are CE marked and available in Europe for the treatment of unresectable cancers in the liver. It is not approved by US FDA.

  • TATO is CE marked and available in Europe. It is not approved by US FDA.

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