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Rising to the challenges of future healthcare

Pursuing new possibilities for healthcare
Using patients’ own cells to treat diseases – a new door for healthcare is about to open, and cell-sheet transplantation is one example of the new treatments becoming available. These cell-sheets are created by taking a patient’s own muscle tissue, culturing the cells of that tissue and forming them into sheets, which can then be grafted onto the patient.
A sheet made from a patient’s muscle tissue
Expectations are rising for such regenerative therapy to become a new option in the treatment of diseases where recovery is difficult with more traditional medication or surgery. Terumo will continue research and development in this area and take regenerative medicine to the next level. Terumo’s centrifugal therapeutic apheresis system is used in the treatment and management of various conditions, such as sickle cell disease. We aim to continue providing new treatments, such as therapeutic plasma exchange, with this device to positively impact patient lives. In addition, Terumo offers products, software and services to enable customers to collect and prepare blood and cells to help treat challenging diseases and conditions. Pharmaceutical companies are also creating innovative medicines. One example is biopharmaceuticals whose active ingredient is protein. While they are considered effective for diseases that were not possible to cure before, handling biopharmaceuticals is not easy, as the active ingredients are prone to aggregation and oxidization or losing effectiveness due to heat.
Terumo is unlocking the potential of blood and cells.
Centrifugal therapeutic apheresis
To address this problem, Terumo provides pharmaceutical companies with prefillable syringes that create new value by combining medicines and medical devices. These prefillable syringes aim to serve as the ideal containers for biopharmaceuticals, using a silicon-oil-free, unique coating technique that prevents aggregation, as well as a radical-free autoclave sterilization process that prevents oxidization. As biopharmaceuticals are heat-sensitive, they are filtered via a special filtering device, sterilized, and then filled and stoppered in an aseptic area. Optimal filling conditions are set for each medicine, depending on their viscosity and ease of foaming, utilizing our long-nurtured high-aseptic filling technology in manufacturing. Meeting the latest needs derived from advancements in medicine and delivering necessary medicines to patients securely and surely – Terumo continues improving the quality of technologies and products to fulfil this important role.
Prefillable syringe
Prefillable syringe production line that meets
the high standards essential for biopharmaceuticals.
Confronting the diseases of an aging society
In recent years, the advancement of healthcare has extended life expectancies around the globe, and the effective treatment of age-related diseases is becoming increasingly essential.
Cancer is one of the top causes of death in many countries. Terumo offers a product for liver cancer treatment that draws on the strengths of our catheter technology and enables specific areas to be reached through blood vessels. It allows the targeted injection of anticancer drugs, embolization materials, and materials that attack cancer cells using radioactivity – offering new options for cancer treatment. Terumo is now considering this system’s applications for cancer treatment in other organs and research is ongoing. Interventional technology is also effective in treating diseases that can cause cerebral strokes. This technology enables the removal of blood clots from the blood vessels in the brain and the placing of materials inside aneurysms which may cause bleeding. It can be a successful option for the treatment of neurovascular diseases that threaten to develop into serious conditions.
Micro catheter for abdominal vessels
Intrasaccular flow disruptor
for aneurysm embolization, made of soft metal.
Treatment possibilities have been greatly
expanded by catheters, used for cerebral aneurysms,
cerebral infarctions, cerebral arteriovenous
malformations, etc.
In addition, under a new initiative for heart diseases, Terumo is developing a monitoring device to help prevent the worsening of heart conditions.
An aortic aneurysm is another condition often associated with aging. Terumo’s surgical grafts replace damaged and diseased vessels. Surgical grafts require a high level of biocompatibility and long-term stability in the body. With a focus on the treatment of thoracic and abdominal aortic disease using surgical and stent grafts, Terumo offers a comprehensive portfolio tailored to meet the needs of surgeons. Terumo supports patients and our aging society using all the technologies at its disposal, from prevention to treatment.
Abdominal vascular graft
Thoracic stent graft
Sewing of a surgical graft by a highly skilled
operator in a controlled clean room environment.
New technologies empower healthcare
Terumo has taken on a new challenge of incorporating a wide range of technological innovations to accelerate progress in healthcare. One example is the Smart Infusion System, equipped with drug libraries that can be integrated with a hospital’s IT systems.
As a feature of our infusion pumps and syringe pumps used to administer medicine and nutrition to patients, it supports accurate medication and plays an important role in improving treatment efficiency and safety.
Terumo is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to complement the existing product portfolio with custom-made devices available to treat aortic pathologies. These custom solutions enable treatment for many patients where no other commercially available or conventional means are viable.
Terumo also utilizes artificial intelligence (AI). We have launched a joint AI-tech research initiative with a medical institution to develop ways that technology can be used to assist physicians’ decision-making processes with automatic measurements of the coronary artery diameter and clot area, as well as selection of the optimal medical device. The aim is to improve the speed and accuracy of healthcare by using AI to effectively support doctors’ conventional work.
By embracing new technologies, Terumo is moving forward to realize better healthcare.
Smart Infusion System that can be
connected to hospital IT systems
Image of stent graft design
optimized for each person
Inside a blood vessel, observed with Terumo’s
ultrasound imaging system. These images now help
doctors determine the medical device size and area
in need of treatment.