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Earning trust from society is critical for Terumo to continue to fulfil its corporate mission “Contributing to Society through Healthcare”. Terumo, together with its all associates, strive to protect its reputation, which is invaluable asset, and further build trust from society. To achieve this, every Terumo associate must make the right decisions and do the right things. Terumo Group Code of Conduct is a guide for Terumo associates to make the right decisions in their everyday actions.

Terumo makes every effort to ensure that all associates around the world, not only directors and officers, pursue fair business, abide by laws and regulations and follow the highest ethical standard for serving patients and healthcare professionals who use Terumo products and all other stakeholders and for practicing social responsibility, always keeping this Code of Conduct in their mind. For such purpose, Terumo has established environment where associates may understand the importance of the Code of Conduct, such as constantly providing training suitable in each workplace.


Terumo Group Code of Conduct

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