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April 17, 2013

Tokyo ― Terumo Corporation (TSE: 4543 Section 1) announced that from this April it has begun a Japanese sales launch of its "LUNAWAVE™" OFDI system, a light based intravascular imaging system, as well as its "FastView™" OFDI imaging catheter. Terumo aims to achieve the revenue of 1.7 billion yen for both products in fiscal year 2013.

OFDI (Optical Frequency Domain Imaging) employs light applied to the vessel wall from the tip of a catheter, and constructs an intravascular cross-sectional image through a new technology that analyzes the back scattered light from the vessel walls. It is mainly utilized in coronary intervention to verify the conditions inside blood vessels and confirm the stent apposition. OFDI achieves high resolution, and is highly expected in its ability to display differences in the tissue characterization of vascular walls, which has been difficult to detect in the past, further helping physicians to provide even safer and more effective coronary intervention.

Features of "LUNAWAVE" OFDI system

  • High quality image even for a deeper layer of vessel wall
  • "Angio synchronization" to display OFDI image synchronized with angiographic image
  • "Dual window review" to display two OFDI images at different time frame

Features of "FastView" imaging catheter

  • No need to flush the catheter, reducing preparation time
  • 150 mm pullback length enables to obtain the image of long lesion or vessel by one pullback manipulation

Terumo Corporation received CE certificate*1 for the commercial sale of the "LUNAWAVE" and "FastView" in Europe, in 2012. It is currently sold in more than 30 countries in Europe.

  • *1:

    CE Mark indicates that the product satisfies requirements of EU Directives and all products need to be CE certified to be sold in Europe.


Terumo will provide a broad lineup of intervention technologies, including not only treatment devices such as drug-eluting stent but also diagnostic imaging system, with the goal to contribute to the safety and reliability of coronary intervention.

About Terumo

Terumo (TSE: 4543) is a global leader in medical technology and has been committed to “Contributing to Society through Healthcare” for 100 years. Based in Tokyo and operating globally, Terumo employs more than 28,000 associates worldwide to provide innovative medical solutions in more than 160 countries and regions. The company started as a Japanese thermometer manufacturer, and has been supporting healthcare ever since. Now, its extensive business portfolio ranges from vascular intervention and cardio-surgical solutions, blood transfusion and cell therapy technology, to medical products essential for daily clinical practice such as transfusion systems, diabetes care, and peritoneal dialysis treatments. Terumo will further strive to be of value to patients, medical professionals, and society at large.

Among the information that Terumo discloses, the forward-looking statements including financial projections are based upon our assumptions using information available to us at the time and are not intended to be guarantees of future events or performance. Accordingly, it should be noted that actual results may differ from those forecasts or projections due to various factors. Factors affecting to actual results include, but are not limited to, changes in economic conditions surrounding Terumo, fluctuations of foreign exchange rates, and state of competition.


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