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March 05, 2012

Leuven, Belgium (February 10, 2012) - The recently published two-year data from the large NOBORI 2 study confirmed the excellent and sustained performance of the Nobori® drug eluting stent (DES) when used in high risk unselected patients. NOBORI 2 is a prospective, open-label, single arm, multi-centre study that enrolled 3067 patients with 5463 lesions in 125 centers in Europe and Asia who were treated with a Nobori DES1. The complexity of the patient population enrolled in the study is fully representative of contemporary percutaneous coronary intervention practice with 53% of the patients having multi-vessel disease, 54% presenting in the course of acute coronary syndrome, 30% suffering from diabetes mellitus, and more than 20% with lesions at bifurcation

Clinical Outcomes at 2 Years


MI=Myocardial Infarction, TLR=Target Lesion Revascularization; TLF=Target Lesion Failure; ST= Stent Thrombosis (Definite and probable according to ARC definition)

1 Danzi GB et al.: Clinical performance of a drug-eluting stent with a biodegradable polymer in an unselected patient population: the NOBORI 2 study. EuroIntervention 2012 Jan 26. pii: 20111230-03 [Epub ahead of print]

The high compliance with follow-up at both one and two years in the NOBORI 2 study further reinforces the validity of the results.

"The observed low rate of late and very late stent thrombosis in this study that enrolled a highly complex patient population adds evidence to the hypothesis that DES with biodegradable polymer may have better long term safety as compared to the first generation of these devices," commented Dr. Gian Battista Danzi, Ospedale Maggiore, Milan Italy, the Principal Investigator of the study.

"We are very encouraged by the results of NOBORI 2 as the ultimate goal of all Terumo technologies is to bring benefit to patients", said Mr. Toshi Osada, President of Terumo Europe Interventional Systems.

The results of the NOBORI 2 study are in agreement with and complement previous trials of the comprehensive NOBORI clinical program providing proof of the very good safety and efficacy profiles of the stent both, in simpler cases and in patients with high-risk clinical and anatomic features.

About Nobori® stent

The Nobori® DES stent system has a unique design concept with a matrix of biodegradable, polymer polylactic acid (PLA) and the antiproliferative drug Biolimus A9™ (Biosensors International), coated only abluminally on the highly flexible stent platform. PLA polymer in the Nobori® DES system degrades primarily by hydrolysis and the degradation product, water-soluble lactic acid, is absorbed by tissue and is eventually converted to water and carbon dioxide. The precise drug release kinetic of the Nobori® stent matches the biological response to procedure-induced injury with a burst release immediately after stent implantation and continuous drug release along with polymer degradation to further prevent neointima growth.

About Terumo

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