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Top Management Message

A Global Corporation with Japanese Origins, Becoming a Top,
Trusted Brand in Medical Settings

I am Shinjiro Sato, the new President and CEO of Terumo. I want to first express my deepest gratitude to all shareholders and investors for your constant support and understanding of Terumo Group activities.

With its corporate mission of "Contributing to Society through Healthcare", Terumo Group has achieved growth on a global scale, working proactively to solve the variety of challenges that affect healthcare, while simultaneously providing a stable supply of high quality medical devices and services to patients and medical settings.

In April 2017, we began implementation of our Mid- to Long-term Growth Strategy for the next five years. Looking ahead globally, we will focus our resources on segments where we expect sustainable growth and own a competitive edge. In Japan, we will leverage our leading position and pursue opportunities that lead to higher level of growth. We will also further strengthen our internal research and development activities. Leveraging our unique Terumo core technologies and the innovation centers we have established around the world, we will fully utilize both in-house development and open innovation to create solutions that contribute to the progress of future healthcare. In operations, we will raise the level of all our work activities in establishing ourselves as a top, trusted brand in medical settings.

We ask for your sustained support and understanding as the Terumo Group continues to bring valuable innovation to patients and medical settings throughout the world.  

April 2017


Shinjiro Sato
President and CEO

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