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President Representative Drector YUTARO SHINTAKU

Continuing to Contribute to Society through Healthcare”

Terumo was established in 1921 by several scientists and doctors including Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, known in Japan as “the father of modern medicine.” Their aspiration was to create a superior clinical thermometer to protect peoples’ health, and we continue to respect and maintain this same spirit. In accordance with our corporate mission of “Contributing to Society through Healthcare,” we continue to supply medical technology in the form of products and services to numerous countries around the world, and proactively address the host of issues that surround healthcare.

Continuing to Advance Healthcare, around the world

The global medtech market is now at a turning point. In advanced countries, markets are slowing down and the focus is on constraining rising healthcare costs. In emerging countries, medical demands are expanding, but there is also downward pressure on prices.
These changing environments are sometimes viewed as a headwind, but we believe the business segments in which Terumo operates will continue to offer opportunities for growth. For example, intravascular intervention is no longer limited to the arteries of the heart. Now this technique is also applied to those in the brain and the legs, as well as other parts of the body. Furthermore, in the Blood Management business, in addition to blood transfusion, demand for therapeutic apheresis is growing. And as efforts to help prevent medical errors and reduce the risk of infections increase in the General Hospital business, the need for safety-oriented devices will surely continue to grow.
Aiming to seize such opportunities and thus continue contributing to society through healthcare, Terumo’s new four-year mid-term management plan began in April 2013. This plan sets a policy of ensuring “Sustainable and Profitable Growth”, based on our long-term goal of establishing a greater global presence.


President and Representative Director

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