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Compliance System

Terumo’s corporate mission, “Contributing to Society through Healthcare,” is the goal not only of the Company but of all associates who work for Terumo. We will continue to conduct honest and fair business practices based on strict legal compliance and corporate ethics and thereby maintain our position as an ethical healthcare company.

To promote these honest and fair business practices, Terumo’s Board of Directors approved a “Basic Policy on Internal Control Systems.” In accordance with this basic policy, we established the “Internal Control Committee” which deliberates and executes important group-wide issues from compliance perspectives. In addition, based on directions of the Internal Control Committee, each entity has appointed a “Compliance Officer” whose role is to facilitate compliance activities, and carry out such activities at each entity. Through these activities, the Internal Control Committee receives and discusses important information to enhance group-wide compliance activities.

Compliance with Code of Conduct of the Terumo Group

To go further toward meeting social expectations, in April 2008 we established the “Code of Conduct of the Terumo Group,” to set the standard for the conduct of daily business activities for the Terumo Group, including overseas entities. In accordance with this code, we are striving throughout the Terumo Group to base our actions on social ethics, as well as in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The Code of Conduct of the Terumo Group, which is based on Terumo’s corporate mission and “Heart of Terumo,” states that “each associate must conduct business activities honestly, take responsible actions for environmental conservation and make consistent efforts to enable the company to become a role model reliable corporate citizen.” We carry out training on the Code of Conduct that responds to each site and encourage associates to recognize the importance of corporate ethics. We also clearly state and thereby promote the need to respect human rights and eliminate discrimination in our Code of Conduct as a global company.

Appropriate Relationships with Public Officials

All Terumo associates observe the “Code of Conduct of the Terumo Group” and the “Terumo Group Global Anti-bribery Policy” (established in May 2013) in all deals with public institutions, related officials and the employees of public medical institutions. These codes aim to ensure that all business is conducted in a fair, transparent, sound and honest manner. Full compliance is expected with Japan’s Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and other anti-bribery laws within the countries and regions in which Terumo Group operates.

Corporate Ethics Hotline

We established a “Corporate Ethics Hotline” as an internal whistle- blowing system in 2003.
The Corporate Ethics Hotline enables all associates to report or consult on matters or situations deemed as inappropriate in light of the Code of Conduct of the Terumo Group. The system enables associates regardless of their employment status to contact this hotline by phone, e-mail or written letter on an anonymous basis. At the same time, we maintain an outside point of contact at the office of our corporate attorney. In these and other ways, whistle-blowers are assured their privacy and protection against retaliation as we promote the hotline’s usage and address reported issues.

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