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General Hospital Business

The following are primary, but not all, products in the business field at the basis of the entire Terumo Group. Please note that product availability may differ by region.

Helping to ensure safe and reliable healthcare by offering a range of diverse products

We provide products that are used in hospitals on a daily basis, such as syringes and IV solution products, as well as products that are used by patients at home. Because of the frequency with which they are used, we are constantly working to develop ever safer and more reliable products.


For patients with low fluid or nutrient levels, an infusion is administered intravenously for hydration or feeding. This treatment often entails the risk of human error in drug administration.

We contribute to safe healthcare by using distinctive labeling that reduces human error and adopting package design so as to reduce infection risk.

Nutrient solution for total parenteral nutrition

Plastic prefilled syringe



IV Catheter

Infusion set

Needle-free system

Infusion pump

Syringe pump

Pharmaceutical Solutions


We provide a variety of products and services to pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers to support their efforts to develop ideal health care solutions.

Diabetes Treatment

We support diabetes treatment by providing blood glucose monitors and less painful disposable needles for pen-injectors.

Blood glucose monitoring system

Lancing device for blood collection

Needle for pen-injector


We provide various types of nutritious food for patients who cannot get sufficient nutrition from normal eating. Liquid food products are used to supplement diet, while semi-solid food are given to mainly elderly patients who have difficulty drinking liquid meals.

Calorie-dense liquid meal

Calorie-dense liquid meal (semi-solid)

Calorie-dense liquid meal (semi-solid)

CAPD system

CAPD system

This system allows patients with endstage renal failure to conduct CAPD therapy, which removes excess body fluids and waste products, at home.

Consumer Healthcare

We provide products that make home-based health management easier and help all people live healthful lives.

Digital thermometer

Upper arm blood pressure monitor

Activity monitor

Basal body thermometer

Urine test strip

Support wear

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