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Blood Management Business

The following are primary, but not all, products in the business field at the basis of the entire Terumo Group. Please note that product availability may differ by region.

Enhancing the safety of transfusions

We provide a total blood component processing management system, including blood bags, leukocyte reduction filters and other equipments. We are committed to developing products that assure a higher level of safety not only for patients receiving a blood transfusion but for all people involved, including healthcare professionals.

Blood Processing System

Contributes to transfusion medicine with safe, efficient and high-quality collection and processing of donor blood.

Automated Blood Collection System

Automated blood component processing device

Blood bag system with leukocyte reduction filter

Sterile tubing welder

Pathogen reduction technology system

Therapeutic Apheresis

Therapeutic apheresis system

Our therapeutic apheresis technology enables a broad range of customizable procedures, including therapeutic exchanges and depletions, performed with a high-level of automation that doesn’t sacrifice the flexibility and control operators need to achieve procedure outcomes.

Our systems also enable adaptable cell collections and cell therapy with high yields and transplantation doses, as well as cell processing technologies for monocyte enrichment and versatile cell washing and concentration.

Biotech and Cell Processing

Cell expansion system

Our functionally closed, hollow-fiber bioreactor technology streamlines cell expansion through a reproducible, scalable, automated process.

Specifically designed to address the space challenges and labor demands associated with cell therapy development, our system also reduces the contamination risks associated with manual expansion.

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