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Corporate Policy

Corporate Mission

Contributing to Society through Healthcare

We contribute to society by providing valued products and services in the healthcare market and by responding to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

Five Statements

Open Management
We maintain a fundamental policy of open management, work to secure and return to our benefactors a suitable profit, and strive to develop our business on a global basis as befits a leading company in the industry.

Enhanced Value
We emphasize the importance of scientific thinking, creativity, and time appropriation, and respond in depth to customer needs by creating valued products and services.

Safety and Reliability
We pride ourselves on our commitment to the development of technologies and quality assurance systems that ensure safe, reliable products.

Respect for our Associates
We emphasize respect for the individual, promote intercultural understanding, and encourage openness in the workplace in accordance with our slogan, “Associate Spirit,” as we prepare to meet the challenges of the future.

Corporate Citizenship
We conduct our business activities in a fair and equitable manner and act responsibly toward the environment as we fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

Global Vision

Innovating at the Speed of Life

As society changes constantly and science and technology advance,
we remain focused on lives, and on rapidly bringing new value to medical settings.

© Courtesy of the Kitasato Institute archives

Courtesy of the Kitasato Institute archives

Terumo Corporation was founded in 1921 by several scientists and doctors, including Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, to produce clinical thermometers in Japan. These vital medical devices had previously been imported, until they were cut off as a consequence of World War I.

The lifelong spirit of Dr. Kitasato, whose achievements received global recognition, is found in his statement: “Scientists should never feel self-satisfaction doing advanced research; the true objective is for the results to be put to use, thereby contributing to society.”

“Contributing to Society through Healthcare,” is both Terumo’s starting point and unchanging corporate mission. Keeping Dr. Kitasato’s spirit of innovation and challenge alive, we strive to bring outstanding innovation to medicine and enable the best possible care for patients.

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