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Message from Top Management

Innovating at the Speed of Life

  Chairman of the Board
Takayoshi Mimura
  President and CEO
Shinjiro Sato

The corporate mission of Terumo is "Contributing to Society through Healthcare"

To fulfill that mission we provide a stable supply of the highest quality medical devices and services to patients and medical settings, while working proactively at solutions to the wide variety of challenges in healthcare. Terumo was founded in 1921 to support fundamental public health by realizing high quality thermometer manufacturing in Japan, and has progressed since then along with healthcare to now operate in over 160 countries of the world.

The needs of medical settings are undergoing a transformation in recent years as populations age in developed nations, while economies and populations grow in emerging nations. Simultaneously, fields including healthcare and IT are changing at astounding speed due to technological evolution. Terumo has established "Innovating at the Speed of Life" as its global vision for contributing to society through healthcare. This vision expresses our commitment to consistently achieve innovations and rapidly bring new value to ever-changing medical settings, and to patients who await vital care.

We strive for innovation not only in product development and production technology, but also in how we supply products and services. Further, each Terumo associate is charged with achieving innovation in all work processes, no matter what business, organizational function, or region he/she is in, so that we can contribute to medical settings and patient quality of life.

Throughout his life, Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, one of the founders of Terumo, placed great value on the spirit of innovation and challenge. With this spirit as our legacy, we will continue our pursuit of new value in order to realize our vision.

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