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Message from Top Management

Rising to the Challenge of Innovation

KOJI NAKAO Chairman and Representative Director, YUTARO SHINTAKU President and Representative Director
Yutaro Shintaku
President and CEO

With our corporate mission of “Contributing to Society through Healthcare,” we work proactively to stably provide high-quality medical devices and services for the benefit of patients and medical settings in over 160 countries, while also developing solutions to advance the practice of healthcare.

Today, various social conditions are causing a diversification of needs in healthcare. Terumo is responding to these changes by developing and providing devices and systems that enhance safety and efficiency while also improving patient comfort. Recognizing that the benefits of medical devices are realized only if they are used correctly, we further offer healthcare professionals from throughout the world training in the use of advanced medical devices and new treatment techniques.

To continue contributing to healthcare as the future unfolds, we are “rising to the challenge of innovation” throughout the Terumo Group.

We strive ceaselessly to nurture developmental technologies into added value for healthcare, bring revolutionary advances to the frontlines of healthcare, and ultimately make better medical care available to patients.

Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, one of the founders of Terumo, placed great importance on the spirit of innovation and challenge throughout his life. As the heirs to the spirit of Dr. Kitasato, we are committed to carrying the pursuit of new value into the future of healthcare.

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